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About Us

Living Experience was formed in 1987 and later incorporated as a proprietary company under the direction of its current Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Alexander Bailey.

Our objective is to add value to our broad base of clients. We achieve this by working together with our individual, corporate and organisation clients to:

  • develop their workplace culture
  • implement high quality management systems and practices, and
  • assist in project development.

Our Vision and Ethics

We have developed our vision and business ethics from our collective experience and from a firm belief in the future. Using these as our guide, we are able to check what we are doing, and make decisions that have an active and consistent focus.

Vision: Living Experience is recognised by its individual, corporate and organisation clients and their industry groups as a leader in developing organisational culture where the key values are:
  • the uniqueness of individuals
  • the quality of the environment and its sustainability
  • developing opportunities to achieve
  • utilising high quality systems and practices.

Business ethics:
We believe that our success lies in the recognition, utilisation and development of the talents of the people associated with us. We understand that by recognising our limitations, developing our potential and providing mutual support we will continue to significantly increase our value to our clients and to ourselves.


Our quality policy is to provide quality services, works and products to meet our client's agreed requirements on time, all of the time.

By following this policy we:

  • ensure that our clients can continue to rely on our ability to meet their requirements
  • encourage the commitment of the people involved with our operations to our focus on quality
  • demonstrate our belief that quality is fundamental to our long-term success.

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